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UMT's Competition Team won Outstanding Production for their rendition of the Lion King, Jr. at the 2020 Junior Theatre Festival (JTF) in Atlanta, GA.


Uptown Music Theatre aims to expose children and adults to meaningful stories through an entertaining medium. Didactic in nature, our musicals teach young people about finding common ground and achieving peaceful resolutions. The story lines draw inspiration from folklore, history, literature, and the distinctive landmarks and cultural traditions of New Orleans. Using the ancient art of storytelling, we create shows that address modern concerns and give voices to all community members.

UMT Performs at Mayor LaToya Cantrell Inaugural Ceremony 2022 Performance


UMT "Once on this Island"

Featuring original poetry accompanied by music


UMT at Jazz at Congo Square

2021 Big Easy Holiday Bash

UMT Receives the City Proclamation



We accept all kids between the ages of 6 and 18 of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or financial background. Often we hear from kids that they don't feel "talented enough" in order to join, but as long as they are hard workers with a passion to grow, we'll accept them. No worries! Alumni older than 18 also tend to return for smaller performances outside of competition and travel to Junior Theater Festival alongside Uptown Music Theatre as moral support and mentors.

Every year, our competition team competes against roughly 127 groups from 28 states and 6 countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, and China at the Junior Theatre Festival.

You can email info@umtno.org for more information on specific ways to donate. Thank you for considering us!

Auditions for Uptown Music Theatre's Competition Team will be held in July and August. Contact info@umtno.org for more information.

The total for each performer comes to approximately $1,320.00 due to the bus ride and uniforms. This does not include the hotel. Payment options to pay fees are Venmo or Paypal.

Uptown Music Theatre does, in fact, have other performances. We perform throughout the year at different schools, for holiday celebrations, at festivals, and on the news as well.

Students of Uptown Music Theatre gain training in singing, dancing, and acting from professionals in the Broadway, music, and film industries, as well as a sense of ​discipline, teamwork, individual responsibility and respect for all people at all times. Uptown Music Theatre also provides students a safe place to express themselves and share their own story through the dramatic arts, an opportunity often not accessible to all children.

We are currently trying to find a forever home, but until then, we use churches, gyms, or theatres within our community to rehearse.

For about three to four months up until January, Uptown Music Theatre rehearses every single weekend and holiday break, rounding up to approximately 218 hours of rehearsal, not including rehearsals for performances outside of competition. These 218 hours include at least one 24-hour rehearsal in which students practice throughout the night, but are also allowed to enjoy a sleepover with their newfound family.

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